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Outdoor Solutions of Columbus has a reputation for quality work, available at a very competitive price. We seek out the most experienced employees in the industry, and we have the resources to bring your project in on time and on budget. Outdoor Solutions of Columbus are able to manage projects of any size. From commercial landscaping projects to residential landscaping maintenance. We work with you to deliver cost-effective solutions for your landscape challenges.



Outdoor Solutions is a group of highly trained and reliable professionals that specialize in lawn care maintenance, lawn irrigation systems and installation, lawn fertilization, and preventative weed control maintenance and lawn care maintenance.

Staying ahead of lawn problems and on top of your lawn’s needs entails just a little diligence and the right knowledge and advice. Let our team at Outdoor Solutions put our experience to work for you and your residential or commercial property!



The team that makes up Outdoor Solutions of Columbus will lay out all of the basics of lawn care, including exactly what needs to be done to keep your lawn looking healthy, and when you need to do it. At Outdoor Solutions of Columbus we know that quality brands such as Rain Bird, Hunter, Basf, and Bayer will make your lawn look the best.


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Libby MurphyPosted on3:48 pm - Jan 8, 2019

I have been in contact with your company, I think. I’ve had all my emails erased and I do t remember the name of the young man I’ve been corresponding with. He had told me someone would be calling or coming by my house in the last 2 weeks but no one did. There was someone that came by today that our Ringer caught but he was not dressed in your uniform. I just want to make sure it wasn’t y’all. He was in a tee shirt and ball cap and drove a green pickup truck. I am still very interested in your services. Please let me know if I have the right company.

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