Lawn Irrigation System

Lawn Irrigation System

Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems in Columbus, GA

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus, GA prides themselves on our professional service and using only the top quality lawn irrigation system. We service all types of sprinkler systems and offer all the lawn irrigation system services your system will require. No job is too big or too small!

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus, GA does an overall assessment of your residential or commercial property to determine watering needs and drainage requirements, slope, exposure, plant needs, and soil type. Our certified commercial landscape irrigation designers can design, install and service an lawn irrigation system that is custom to your site. This system helps reduce plant stress and loss, lower utility costs, boost chemical performance, and improve turf renovation.

Lawn Irrigation System Installation

An lawn irrigation system is an important component in the keeping up with the growth of your lawn as well as a well-maintained and healthy landscape. A misaligned sprinkler for example, can cause brown patches in some areas of your lawn. A lawn irrigation system that is specific to your lawn and designed to meet the requirements of your lot-size and landscape features, will conserve water, while giving you better coverage watering your yard. Our technically advanced law irrigation systems are designed to fit the needs of your lawn as it matures.

A system installed by Outdoor Solutions of Columbus will also include the technology of timers and rain sensors (Check out our recent blog post!). This will ensure that your lawn and landscaping is evenly watered.

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus will evaluate your lawn and then provide to you the the most suitable solutions to provide the best value for your money. Our teams of professional installers, with the most modern machinery and equipment available today, will install a system of underground pipe, with minimal disruption to your lawn. All garden areas and planting beds are hand dug to minimize damage to the existing plant material. You can be sure your job will be handled in the most professional manner.

Lawn Irrigation System Repair & Maintenance 

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus, GA specializes in the installation, service and repair of residential and commercial in ground sprinklers and lawn irrigation systems. We are committed to providing the highest quality lawn irrigation products and professional services at affordable prices. Already have a lawn irrigation system? No problem. We can review your irrigation system and make recommendations to implement and ensure your lawn irrigation system meets the changing needs of your landscape. We offer repairs and upgrades to all residential and commercial type systems.

We believe that a properly maintained system can last several decades. Our goal is to keep your system running at optimal performance and efficiency. Outdoor Solutions of Columbus, GA will visit your property before every season and assure that your lawn irrigation system is ready to handle whatever weather may come our way. While visiting your property, it may be recommended to you on how to best conserve water through use of new technologies and products now available.

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus offers year round services for industrial, commercial, and residential properties.  Call today for a free analysis and proposal of your lawn irrigation system. Free quote!

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