Fertilization Programs + Pre-emergent – Columbus, GA

Fertilization Programs + Pre-emergent – Columbus, GA

Don’t forget about PRE-EMERGENT!

When most think of a fertilization program they think it is just that… only fertilizer applications. They aren’t thinking about a dual application process! Outdoor Solutions of Columbus specializes in fertilization programs that include pre-emergent applications in the Columbus, GA area. Incorporating pre-emergent is the most effective in the fight against weeds during the Columbus, GA Spring and Summer.

Growing spine-like tiers, flat blades and branches reaching out as far as they can; nobody likes crabgrass in their lawn. It’s a pesky summer weed that germinates in late spring or early summer and never seems to go away. However, with the right fertilization program that includes pre-emergent application at the right time, the germination of this and other unsightly weeds will be dramatically reduced.

Pre-emergent alone is not a fertilizer; it is an herbicide which helps to prevent weed seeds from germinating by blocking an essential enzyme. It does not necessarily stop the germination process, but does prevent the weed from breaking through its barrier and emerging in the lawn. This herbicide needs a substance to bind with for the application process. The agent frequently used to bind with pre-emergent is fertilizer. This is sometimes referred to as weed and feed due to the weed seed prevention components, as well as the beneficial fertilization
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Pre-emergent are chemicals that create a barrier in your lawn’s soils to prevent weeds from germinating. This provides us with a way to attack weeds before they can even establish themselves.

The effectiveness of this product is dependent on timing. Fall and Winter fertilization program applications are crucial to keep your lawn free of weeds during the Columbus, GA Spring and Summer.

Here are few facts about fertilization programs that include the application of pre emergence:

  • This application needs to be watered in just like fertilization program.
  • Any type of aeration or disturbance to the soil after application can reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  • Future applications are needed depending on factors such as time.
  • Pre emergent should not be applied to new sod due to its affect on root growth.
  • Pre emergent can be applied in a liquid or granular form.
  • Pre emergent is not intended to control weeds that are already established.

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