Landscaping in Columbus, GA | Before and After

Landscaping surrounding a pergola

Landscaping in Columbus, GA | Before and After

Residential Landscaping Design and Installation in Columbus, GA

Summer months call for lush green grass and cannon balls into a refreshing pool, right? This is exactly what our client wanted to accomplish when they came to us with one of our most recent back yard renovation projects. Outdoor Solutions of Columbus specializes in landscaping in Columbus, GA spanning out to LaGrange and Phenix City.


Final stages of laying the cement walkway incorporated into the landscape design done by Outdoor Solutions of Columbus.

It was important to Outdoor Solutions of Columbus client to incorporate a smooth cement walkway within their landscape design. Here you can see the final stages of prep.

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus preps their clients backyard in order to install an irrigation system.

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus provides irrigation system that effectively keep your yard watered. Here Outdoor Solutions of Columbus preps their clients backyard in order to install an irrigation system.

Backyard Before Landscaping Services Provided by Outdoor Solutions of Columbus

With the unevenness of the backyard, Outdoor Solutions of Columbus knew that their landscaping services needed to be precise and professional.

Before Outdoor Solutions of Columbus's landscaping services

Before Outdoor Solutions of Columbus was called upon by their client for their landscaping services, this backyard was just dirt!

This particular customer had recently installed a pool in their backyard and the construction left the yard lacking. Our client had a vision and as we strategized and discussed what the right landscaping was to complement the beautiful pool, we were able get a deep understanding of what our client wanted for their newly landscaped back yard.
One of the details that stood out most in this renovation was the use of the stones as a pathway. Landscaping stones can be used together to form a decorative walkway, a formal patio, or give a warm cottage-type feel to a backyard.
Creating even a small patio in the backyard, similar to the one that Outdoor Solutions planted on this project, can help make the area more inviting, and can provide a place for shade and relaxation during those warmer days. Bricks can also be used as edging around planting areas to prevent grass from invading or to keep the creeping habit of certain plants to a minimum.


Percise Edging and Landscape

The professionalism and perfection is seen here as Outdoor Solutions of Columbus finished landscape design with a well mulched bed and precise edging along the yard.

Varied sized stone pathway incorporated in landscape design

A stone pathway from the swing set leading to the smooth concrete patio puts the finishing touch on this backyard landscape design by Outdoor Solutions of Columbus.

Landscaping surrounding a pergola

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus designed a fresh and inviting landscape that included beautiful plants and a pergola for their client. The pergola is surrounding by subtle colors of Spring and Summer and provides a great amount of shade during the hot Georgia months.

Irrigation system water fresh sod and landscaping

An irrigation system is a must to maintain the fresh sod and landscaping that was installed by Outdoor Solutions of Columbus.

Outdoor Solutions was able to take a vision and complete the backyard oasis this customer was dreaming of just in time for spring and summer.

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