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DIY vs Professional Irrigation System Repairs

When it comes to irrigation system repairs, it’s important to know when to call a professional.

irrigation system repairs columbus gaThis time of year, irrigation systems are getting a lot of use. With the rising temperatures, keeping your lawn watered is crucial. While there are many irrigation system repairs you can do yourself, there are some meant to be handled by a professional to ensure your irrigation system is getting the servicing it needs.

While it’s tempting to tackle any household repair yourself, do-it-yourself irrigation system repairs should be limited to nozzle replacements and rotor adjustments. Nozzles tend to get clogged over time, and won’t spray as much water if filled with debris. To replace your nozzle, simply use a flathead screwdriver to lift the riser. While keeping the riser lifted, twist to remove the nozzle. Check your screen to ensure it is still clear, or replace if needed. Screw on the new nozzle, adjust to the desired spray pattern, and drop the nozzle back into place. Depending on how many you have, replacing these can be time consuming, but are well worth it in keeping your lawn hydrated.

professional irrigation system repairs columbus gaRotor adjustments can be made while your water is turned on or off. Most brands can require a certain tool for the adjustment, but some can be done with a flathead screwdriver. The two most common brands, Rain Bird and Hunter, have their own special tool. Their tools are much like a screwdriver and can adjust the arc, spray radius and more.

Whether you are using a special tool or flathead screwdriver, you will turn the arc clockwise or counter-clockwise to increase or decrease the arc. It’s important to only turn the screw in the direction the rotor is already turning. Going against the current direction can strip the gears and damage your rotor.

Other repairsĀ (sprinkler head replacement, valve replacement/location, broken lines, etc) should be repaired by a professional. Locating lines and valves can be very complicated and time consuming without the right knowledge and equipment.

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