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How to Know When to Fertilize Your Lawn

fertilize-weed-controlIt’s important to know when to fertilize your lawn, and how often.

Fertilize your lawn when it isn’t actively growing, and you could be wasting your money. Apply the fertilizer in unsuitable time spans, and your grass could grow great for a while, but then slow down.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of grass you grow. Grasses that grow better in warmer seasons and in our Southeastern area, such as St. Augustine or Bermuda grass, need to be fertilized from late spring to early fall. It is best to not apply any nitrogen to the soil before the 4inch depth is consistently 65F and rising. Apply the fertilizer too early and you could be promoting rapid weed growth.

fertilize-your-lawnOther types of grasses are known as cool weather grasses, such as Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. These also thrive in the Southeast, and stay looking great even through the cooler months. The prime times to fertilize these grasses are in the fall and spring, and possibly event the winter depending on the specific climate. The only times to refrain from fertilizing these are in the summer heat. Growth will naturally slow down, and if you apply fertilizer then you could weaken your grass.

For the best results, you should have your lawn fertilized around once every six to eight weeks during it’s active grown period. Determining the type of grass you have is an important first step in knowing when to apply the fertilizer. Outdoor Solutions offers fertilization and weed control programs. We also offer different lawn treatments, such as ornamental fertilizations, as additional services to the normal lawn programs. We use brands such as Harrells, Bayer, Lesco and BASF, just to name a few. Contact us today for a free quote!

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus fertilizer is full of nutrients that will keep your lawn green and the weeds away!

Lawn overgrown with weeds? Annual fertilization and weed control program!

Annual Fertilization and Weed Control Programs in Columbus, GA

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus offers an annual fertilization and weed control program that consists of six applications throughout the year.

Starting with the pre-emergence Outdoor Solutions of Columbus preps your lawn for the remaining treatments. This is a chemical that will get into the soil and help stop weeds before they can start growing! Currently, Outdoor Solutions of Columbus has started the Spring application which is an insecticide treatment and a fertilization treatment. There are two more fertilizations spread out through the Summer followed by another pre-emergence application in the Fall.

With every application Outdoor Solutions of Columbus does, they also walk the yard and apply a post emergence pesticide to kill any weeds actively growing, and if active weeds remain a problem they re-visit in between applications to re apply at no charge to the customer. Customer satisfaction is always a priority of Outdoor Solutions of Columbus.

Integrating a program like this along with proper irrigation and maintenance can steer your yard in the direction you are looking for.

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus also offers soil samples services. This allows Outdoor Solutions of Columbus to get a better analysis of your personal lawn and customize their services to your specific need. Soil samples can show Outdoor Solutions of Columbus what exact nutrients your soil is lacking and if the pH is off, requiring a lime treatment. They can do soil samples for an additional $30.00 and if any additional treatments based off the sample results are added to the program, there will be an additional charge discussed upon agreement.

If the annual fertilization and weed control program is paid for in full in advance Outdoor Solutions of Columbus will gladly apply a 7% discount. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to save today and keep your lawn from being over taken by weeds!

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus fertilizer is full of nutrients that will keep your lawn green and the weeds away!

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus fertilizer is full of nutrients that will keep your lawn green and the weeds away; making the maintenance of your lawn hassle free!

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