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Landscaping Redesign

Do you need a landscape redesign? A tired, worn looking garden is a sure sign that you could use an update. A redesign of your landscape isn’t something you can just jump into. Putting your plan down on paper is crucial to designing your landscape.

Get started early with your plans. The earlier the better. This will provide you the time to get every detail to your liking. Start out with a basic idea; consider how you use your outdoor space and what plants grow well in your area.

Once you have a basic concept, Outdoor Solutions can help you transform that idea into a final plan. We will work with you throughout the redesign process of your property, from zoning the grounds to choosing the right materials and irrigation systems, and the final installation.

Dreaming of a Green Lawn?

The grass is always greener on the other side, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get the green, green grass of your dreams with sod.

Sod is grass and soil held together by roots or other materials. Essentially, it’s a ready to go lawn, instead of waiting for grass seed to maybe grow. Plus it is the most reliable form of securing a green lawn!

The downside to sod is that it take a lot of work to lay down, but once its down, there is a high rate for success. Soil needs to be prepared before you can lay down sod. Improper fertilization or aeration could prevent your grass from taking root. As well it needs to be installed immediately once it arrives! Sod doesn’t last forever and if not installed right away it will go bad.

We advise getting a professional to install sod for you. It takes away the stress of preparing the ground, moving sod, and making sure it’s installed in a timely manner. Having someone who is highly trained install it for you will leave you feeling confident about the success of your lawn and you reaping all the benefits of having a beautiful yard.


Winter Pruning

Correct pruning in your garden is an essential skill that will enhance the health, vigor, and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs. When you prune correctly you encourage healthy growth and flowering. For most plants in helps to prune at the right time. Winter is a great time for a lot of deciduous plants to begin pruning.

In select plants, pruning in the winter promotes fast regrowth in the spring as most plants are dormant during the winter. Most of the diseases and insects that can potentially invade pruning cuts are also dormant during this time. However if you prune to early, you can disrupt the growth cycle of your plants. Potentially stimulating new growth that may not harden off before the cold weather.

Pruning is also made easier in the winter. Damaged or diseased branches are clearly visible when not obscured by foliage. Make sure to prune these branches first as it will help preserve your plants. As well after leaves have fallen off, it’s much easier to see the plants overall form. You goal is to keep the branches that establish the structure of the tree.

Outdoor Solutions likes to use native plants…

Why use native plants and plant material?

The most obvious reason is because they can survive in this region’s heat and humidity. Using native plant materials helps ensure the success of your landscape. The plants will be more adapted to the local climate and soil conditions as well as resistant to damage from heat, drought, common diseases, and wildlife.

However, there are a lot more benefits of using native plants in your landscape. They’re advantageous because they are unlikely to be invasive or overly competitive with other native plants, reduce the need for pesticides, and enhance aesthetics of your lawn.

Outdoor Solutions likes to use native plants in conjugation with other ecoregional plants to beautify your landscape for their many benefits. It’s the best and right thing to do for your lawn.