Dreaming of a Green Lawn?

Dreaming of a Green Lawn?

The grass is always greener on the other side, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get the green, green grass of your dreams with sod.

Sod is grass and soil held together by roots or other materials. Essentially, it’s a ready to go lawn, instead of waiting for grass seed to maybe grow. Plus it is the most reliable form of securing a green lawn!

The downside to sod is that it take a lot of work to lay down, but once its down, there is a high rate for success. Soil needs to be prepared before you can lay down sod. Improper fertilization or aeration could prevent your grass from taking root. As well it needs to be installed immediately once it arrives! Sod doesn’t last forever and if not installed right away it will go bad.

We advise getting a professional to install sod for you. It takes away the stress of preparing the ground, moving sod, and making sure it’s installed in a timely manner. Having someone who is highly trained install it for you will leave you feeling confident about the success of your lawn and you reaping all the benefits of having a beautiful yard.


Jennifer Goodpaster

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