Outdoor Solutions Gold Extravaganza Columbus GA Chamber

Chamber of Commerce 2016 Membership Golf Extravaganza

Outdoor Solutions was a proud contributor to the 2016 Membership Golf Extravaganza held Friday, May 6th.

image2The 2016 Membership Golf Extravaganza was a fun event and one of the great ways Outdoor Solutions connects with people in our community. Over 300 people attended this annual event held at the beautiful Maple Ridge Golf Course. We attended this year as a tee sponsor, as we also did for the event in 2015.

We appreciated the opportunity to meet everyone who came out and spoke with us about the great landscaping, lawn maintenance and lawn fertilization services we have to offer. Be sure to contact us today and request a quote!


Ornamental Plants, Shrub and Tree Treatments

Outdoor Solutions serves as your trusted landscaper to select the best decorative and ornamental plants for your landscape design.

ornamental plantsOrnamental plants and shrubs are decorative plants. These are grown to enhance landscape and garden designs. They are also plants that are grown for flowers to be cut for decor. These include various trees, plants, shrubs and flowers. These plants require routine care to stay attractive and keep them healthy. It is important to have a regular fertilization, pruning, watering and pest control program for these added in with your regular lawn maintenance.

Treatment of ornamental plants can be more difficult when they are not well suited for your soil or when they are not planted correctly. Outdoor Solutions serves as your trusted landscaper to select the best decorative and ornamental plants for your landscape design. We examine which plants work best with your soil, space and our southern climate, then install them for you.

ornamental plantsMany ornamental plants require special treatment. It is important to know how to care for these, as their sole purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing and make your lawn look great. Outdoor Solutions offers ornamental treatments as an addition to your regular lawn maintenance program. This is done in two fertilization applications. The initial application is done in the Spring, typically in April. The second application is done in late summer, around August.


How to Know When to Fertilize Your Lawn

fertilize-weed-controlIt’s important to know when to fertilize your lawn, and how often.

Fertilize your lawn when it isn’t actively growing, and you could be wasting your money. Apply the fertilizer in unsuitable time spans, and your grass could grow great for a while, but then slow down.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of grass you grow. Grasses that grow better in warmer seasons and in our Southeastern area, such as St. Augustine or Bermuda grass, need to be fertilized from late spring to early fall. It is best to not apply any nitrogen to the soil before the 4inch depth is consistently 65F and rising. Apply the fertilizer too early and you could be promoting rapid weed growth.

fertilize-your-lawnOther types of grasses are known as cool weather grasses, such as Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. These also thrive in the Southeast, and stay looking great even through the cooler months. The prime times to fertilize these grasses are in the fall and spring, and possibly event the winter depending on the specific climate. The only times to refrain from fertilizing these are in the summer heat. Growth will naturally slow down, and if you apply fertilizer then you could weaken your grass.

For the best results, you should have your lawn fertilized around once every six to eight weeks during it’s active grown period. Determining the type of grass you have is an important first step in knowing when to apply the fertilizer. Outdoor Solutions offers fertilization and weed control programs. We also offer different lawn treatments, such as ornamental fertilizations, as additional services to the normal lawn programs. We use brands such as Harrells, Bayer, Lesco and BASF, just to name a few. Contact us today for a free quote!

Outdoor Solutions Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month!

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce for naming Outdoor Solutions the Small Business of the Month!

Outdoor Solutions of Columbus named Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month

Check out this video they showed at the Eye Opener Breakfast last month!

Winterize Your Irrigation System with Outdoor Solutions Columbus, GA

Winterize Your Irrigation System

Let Outdoor Solutions help you winterize your irrigation system.

Winterize Your Irrigation System with Outdoor Solutions Columbus, GAAs most people know, during the cooler months grass becomes dormant. This leaves lawns with a substantially lower need for water compared to spring and summer months. During this time, most homeowners winterize their irrigation system. They do this by shutting their irrigation systems down. It is important to winterize the irrigation system to avoid costly repairs in the spring time.

Is your irrigation system fed from a nearby body of water, such as a lake or pond? If so, this is the time to winterize the pump.

There are various methods and techniques to winterize your irrigation system. For most properties in our area, the frost line doesn’t extend below the depth of the installed pipes. This requires different techniques, which Outdoor Solutions specializes in to help you winterize your irrigation system.

Contact us to shut down and winterize your irrigation system today!